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Zena's Story

In 2017 Zena went in for her scheduled mammogram. Noticing something abnormal, her healthcare professionals sent her on for an ultrasound and then a biopsy. Not long after these tests, she was given an appointment to see a specialist to go over her results. On that day, March 14th, 2017, she was diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer. “I just shut down,” Zena said, recalling the moment she was given the news.

Though she was uncertain about the battle ahead, Zena had an amazing team backing her. Zena says her family, along with the new friends she had made at West Virginia Breast Health Initiative, kept her strong. They pulled her out of a rut, pushed her to continue fighting, and showed her empathy and understanding when she needed it most.

Today, after 4 rounds of chemo, 30 rounds of radiation, and a lumpectomy, Zena is CANCER FREE!

When asked what piece of advice she would give to others, Zena said, “I tell all my friends you need to go get yourself checked. It’s important to keep up with your mammograms, and early detection is so important!”

Don’t forget, this year, you can join Zena’s team in our annual Race for the Ribbon event on May 6th!

When we asked Zena why she walks, she said, “ I enjoy this event because you are with a group of people who have gone through or are going through breast cancer. You never know who you might meet and who you might help. It’s all about friendship and fellowship. ”

To join her team, simply visit and register for the race. Once you’re there, select your participating category, then click “join team.” Zena’s team is “Zena’s Warriors”

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