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Tanya's Story

I was 49 years old when I found my lump. It ended up being stage 3 ductal carcinoma and HER+. I was a nervous wreck because I didn't have insurance. A friend of mine introduced me to Donna and she got me enrolled with WVBHI. They have helped me get insurance through WVBCCSP and have helped me with gas and the most important thing they are the biggest supporters anyone could ask for. I've been on rough ride the last few years but by the grace of God and all the support I'm still moving ahead. My Team for the Race for the Ribbon is Walkers for Knockers. Since my diagnosis, several of my friends have been diagnosed as well. I firmly believe in "No One Fights Alone"! I did not have to fight alone and now I am here for other people who are going through this battle, so that they don't have to fight alone! 

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