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What We Do


West Virginia Breast Health Initiative aims to raise awareness and fund breast cancer programs with an emphasis on increasing breast health education, financially assisting breast cancer screenings, facilitating patient navigation, and providing survivor services. Through fundraising efforts across the state, 100% of the proceeds remain in West Virginia to assist uninsured and under-insured West Virginians.


West Virginia Breast Health Initiative’s vision is to facilitate a community of breast cancer survivors from the moment of diagnosis by instilling them with help, confidence, knowledge of the process, and kindness and guidance from those who have already journeyed the path. We collaborate with organizations within WV such as WVBCCSP and the Jame "Tiger" Morton Catastrophic Illness Commission, as well as other states that have the common goal of ending breast cancer.


​Misty Bennett Seeds of Hope Fund 

  • $5,000. Harmony House

  • $5,000. Rainelle Medical Center

  • $5,000. Bonnie’s Bus

  • $5,000. WV Health Right

  • $15,000.  BCA – Cumberland Valley

  • $5,000. Boone Memorial Hospital

  • $2,500. The Compression Initiative

  • $5,000. Bonnie’s Bus

  • $5,000. Boone Memorial

  • $10,000. Tug River Medical

  • Mammograms in 27 counties

  • Mammograms – 475  (WVBHI, Bonnie’s Bus first round, Boone Memorial, Harmony House,
    Rainelle Medical Center)

  • Gas cards – 800, averaging between $25, $50. And $250 via WVBHI.

  • Survivor Kits –187

  • 3500 Mammogram self-exam cards in English and Spanish

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Who We Are

The West Virginia Breast Health Initiative was established in 2018 when there was a need for a statewide breast health organization. We received our 501 (c) 3 status in 2019. 100% of the funds raised in West Virginia stays in West Virginia.

Donna DeHart

WVBHI Executive Director


On average in West Virginia, 6 people will die every week from breast cancer. With a family history of breast cancer, having a daughter, and losing 2 of my best friends from breast cancer in 2 years, I am very passionate about the work that WVBHI is doing in our local communities across WV. 100% of the funds raised in West Virginia stays in West Virginia. If you or someone you know needs help, please do not hesitate to call our office. We are here to help!

2023 Board of Directors

Bryan Luzader 1.jpg

Bryan Luzader

WVBHI Vice President

Charleston Area Medical Center

I serve because I have lost family and friends to breast cancer and it has left an imprint on my life. As John Diamond once said, cancer is a word, not a sentence. I truly believe this statement to stand true. I am proud to serve on a Board where WE can make a difference for people during uncertain times.

BOD Pic Chris Gossess.jpg

Chris Gosses

WVBHI Charitable Giving Advisor

Chris Gosses Photography &

WV Rainbow Pride President

I am proud to be part of such a vital community driven local organization. WVBHI cares about the West Virginia community and the hardships that people face in the battle against breast cancer.  WVBHI does so much good. If you are going through breast cancer treatment and in need of transportation assistance, you can call WVBHI! If you are a local medical clinic and in need of some additional monies to help fund mammograms and other detection services, you can call WVBHI! Or, if you simply are having a hard time trying to understand your diagnoses and options, you can call WVBHI! Simply put, the organization serves West Virginia and serves her well. That’s why I belong – to give back to this State that I love.

BOD Dolores Rose.jpg

Dolores Rose

WVBHI Treasurer

Baker Tilly, US, LLP

I chose to support WVBHI because I want to make a positive impact on our community supporting a cause that is very personal to me. The services provided by WVBHI are a vital resource for our community and I am honored to contribute my time and skills to support their mission.

Pam Valentine.jpg

Pamela Valentine

WVBHI Secretary

Dupont, Retired

I support the West Virginia Breast Health Initiative to raise breast cancer awareness, fight the cause and to do whatever is possible to help as many West Virginians as we can.


Derek Hudson

Member at Large

Executive Director at Bream SHOP - Showers - Healthcare - Outreach Program

JCP pic 2023.jpg

Julie Palas

Member at Large

Executive Director at the James "Tiger" Morton Catastrophic Illness Commission

I choose to be on the WVBHI BOD knowing lives are saved and enriched throughout West Virginia via financial, collaborative and peer support. I appreciate the compassionate commitment of its staff, volunteers and partners so as many people as possible can take advantage of WVBHI's free critical services and referral connections.

Patty Rose.jpg

Patty Rosebourgh

Member at Large, Survivor

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I never anticipated the care and support from people I had never met. WVBHI became a part of my family that responded to many of my physical, mental, and financial needs. I truly felt I had a collective shoulder to help me navigate my journey. It was not enough to say “thank you”, and now as a BOD, I am able to put my gratitude into action for others and welcome them to the family of warriors.”


Melody Racer

Community Liaison

Novartis, Senior Oncology Specialist

I support the WVBHIV to give back to patients with Breast Cancer.  One day I may be that patient and need support that WVBHI provides. In addition, I knew WVBHI Co-Founder, Misty Bennet and it fulfills me to know I’m contributing my time towards a cause and organization she helped create. I feel proud to be on the Board as a Community Liaison. I want WVBHIV to thrive and grow.  My experience and connections in the Medical Field as a sales consultant will provide support and resources that will contribute to the growth and positive exposure of WVBHI.

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