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Survivor Ambassador Program

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The West Virginia Breast Health Initiative Survivor Ambassador Program is designed to amplify the voices of breast cancer Survivors. Our Survivor Ambassadors are equipped with first hand testimonials and experience of their individual journeys help to give  meaning and understanding to what happens when you are diagnosed with breast cancer, during and post-treatment. WVBHI firmly believes that the MOMENT a person is diagnosed with breast cancer, they are deemed a Survivor.
WVBHI Survivor Ambassador Program strives to empower newly diagnosed and re-diagnosed Survivors with experienced Survivors to share their journeys through –

  • Helping to understand their diagnosis

  • Helping to understand their treatment plan

  • Answer questions or find answers to their questions

  • Provide a 24 hour phone hotline

  • Celebrate their milestones



The experiences and feedback from our Survivor Ambassadors will add knowledge and impact to our mission, help us to raise awareness of breast cancer, and improve the support that West Virginia Breast Health Initiative, and our services, provides for Survivors and Co-Survivors. The WVBHI Ambassadors are dedicated to educating the community-at-large about breast cancer. Through our Ambassadors’ experience, dedication, and passion, they will help us to ensure Survivors’ are listened to, embraced, and that responding to their needs is at the heart of everything we do.

The ultimate result of the WVBHI Survivor Ambassador Program is to turn the newly diagnosed breast cancer Survivor into a future WVBHI Survivor Ambassador. This also gives them HOPE of returning the experience in the very near future!

If you or someone you know has been recently diagnosed with breast cancer and would be interested in having a Survivor Ambassador as part of your support system, just call our office at 304-556-4808 or email us at   

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