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If a Loved One Is Diagnosed

A diagnosis of breast cancer can be devastating. Your loved one or friend may have feelings that range anywhere from fear, anger, frustration to feeling vulnerable, helpless and depressed. These emotions are normal. Your loved one has been forced to confront possible loss or change of a breast, the fear of losing her feminine image, or in the case of male breast cancer, his masculinity, their health, and even their life. It is important that you understand what they may be thinking or feeling.
Suggestions on how to help:

Provide Practical support:

  • Go with them to doctors’ appointments

  • Coordinate rides to treatment

  • Offer to take care of the children, pick up from school, etc.

  • Cook or arrange meal delivery

  • Do the laundry

  • Do the grocery shopping

  • Help with house cleaning

  • Screen or make telephone calls

  • Help care for pets

  • Offer to help write note cards, thank you's, etc.


Provide emotional support:


  • Provide moral support

  • Be there for them

  • Continue to provide support when treatment is over



Help with Cooking
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