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Misty's Seeds of Hope

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In March of 2018, when West Virginia Breast Health Initiative was only 8 months old, we lost our beloved Co-Founder, Misty Bennett.  Misty was a guiding light for our organization and an ambassador for anyone diagnosed with breast cancer. In 2020, we were ready to begin gifting/granting out money to qualifying, medical facilities across the state. So it was only natural that we name the fundraising and community outreach sponsorship program, Misty’s Seeds of Hope. Our guardian angel planting seeds of hope to make sure West Virginians could and can continue to get the help and the hope that they needed.

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Each year, Boone Memorial Hospital (BMH) offers mammogram screenings at half-off throughout the month of October. "Offering mammogram screenings at a discounted rate results in more patients receiving life saving screenings," said Tahnee Mullins, BSRT(R)(CT)," Director of BMH Imaging Services/Radiology. "We did 90 mammograms in the month of October alone."

This year, West Virginia Breast Health Initiative (WVBHI) recognized Boone Memorial Hospital's efforts.

"We were impressed with Boone Memorial's outreach, education and marketing to encourage people to get screened," said WVBHI Executive Director, Donna DeHart. "In addition to the 1/2 price mammograms, the BMH Radiology Department features a Mammo Boutique. The Boutique has oversized, comfy pink chairs, pink robes, pink coffee maker, and they even give goody bags to every patient throughout October to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month. When we saw the hospital's dedication to breast health, we wanted to help," DeHart added.

The WVBHI donated $10,000 to BMH last month from a grant they received through the Highmark West Virginia Charitable Fund for Health. Funds are being used to provide mammogram screenings and other detection services to the underinsured and uninsured communities who are in need of basic breast health medical needs, including diagnostic testing services such as mammograms.


"We are very appreciative to the WVBHI," said Jeff Mosteller, Executive Director of BMH Ancillary Services. "The funding will help a lot of our patients." ​ In 2020, WVBHI distributed over $50,000 from their Misty Bennett’s Seeds of Hope Fund, throughout WV to increase breast cancer education and awareness, provide mammograms and diagnostics, as well as assist with transportation, lodging, utilities and support breast cancer survivors and their families.

"We are excited about this new partnership between BMH and the WVBHI," said Angie Christian, BMH Chief Operating Officer. "We feel confident that together we can help more underinsured and uninsured people in the area. We share very similar goals and vision. We appreciate the support of the WVBHI and feel this partnership is one that will continue well into the future," Christian concluded.


For the 2021 Misty Bennett Pink Ribbon Stakes at Hollywood Casino in Charles Town, Misty’s Seeds of Hope made a $15,000 donation to Breast Cancer Awareness – Cumberland Valley, Inc. (BCA-CV).  The funds were secured by WVBHI through a grant received by our friends and supporters at Kroger.


In response to the Kroger charitable fund, Kroger stated, “Thank you for giving Kroger the opportunity to support West Virginia Breast Health Initiative, Inc.  We are impressed by the work of your organization in our community.” 


“Kroger has always been an important ally in the fight against breast cancer,” said WVBHI Executive Director Donna DeHart.  “Ending breast cancer is a cause that Kroger feels passionate about and they are always there for us every step of the way.  We are also very excited about our new partnership alliance with BCA-CV and feel confident that BCA-CV will use the Seeds of Hope charitable fund for good use.  They provide free mammograms for men and women who have little or no insurance and cannot afford to otherwise be screened and that is the exact type of partner we are looking for in the Eastern Panhandle.”                    

Stacy Horst, Executive Director at BCA – CV stated, “We are extremely grateful to be the recipient of $15,000 from the Misty Bennett’s Seeds of Hope fund presented by our friends at West Virginia Breast Health Initiative!!  Excited for this new partnership that will help fund the early detection programs we offer In Berkeley, Jefferson and Morgan County, West Virginia.” 

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Misty Bennett’s first “Seeds of Hope” fundraising and community outreach sponsorship was with Harmony House serving the local communities of West Virginia’s Cabell and Wayne counties. Through this community outreach sponsorship, the Harmony House will be in a position to better assist the homeless community in Cabell and Wayne counties procure mammograms and detection services to a part of our local community which is primarily uninsured. At WVBHI, we believe that people from all walks of life deserve basic medical care needs including the detection of breast cancer. To that end, WVBHI stands with the homeless community of West Virginia to help in this effort. WVBHI could not have found a better partnership than the Harmony House to fulfill this need. For more information about the Harmony House and to discover how they help the Cabell and Wayne county communities in West Virginia, please take a moment and read the below.

From Marissa Clark, Assistant Director for Harmony House, “Harmony House is the only drop-in day shelter in Cabell and Wayne Counties serving individuals experiencing homelessness. Our multipurpose day shelter provides a safe space to access showers, laundry, food, clothing, job readiness services, and supportive housing services for the homeless.

Harmony House affirms the right of all people to adequate food, clothing, shelter and healthcare. We believe these are human rights and should be available to everyone.

To that end, the mission of Harmony House is to provide those basic resources and housing to the homeless and formerly homeless of the Huntington area, as well as to collaborate with partner agencies for the provision of such basic resources.”

To learn more about Harmony House visit

MIsty's Seeds of Hope WV Health

In September 2020, West Virginia Breast Health Initiative presented West Virginia Health Right a check for $5,000. from the Misty Bennett's Seeds of Hope Fund. WV Health Right has an exceptional history of helping women with their battle against breast cancer, and WVBHI looks forward to continuing our partnership for uninsured and under-insured West Virginians.

Dr. Angie Settle, CEO -

"Transportation is a huge barrier for our female patients and we find that offering a bus pass or a $5 gas card to cover their travel to their mammogram appointment or their appointment with a breast specialist can make all the difference in whether they go or not.  A missed appointment is a missed opportunity to treat or diagnose breast cancer which ultimately can mean the difference between life and death for these women. Medications needed during treatment for breast cancer are also a huge barrier for many women who cannot get the cost covered through Medicaid or Medicare so the funding will be a huge help there as well.

We look forward to reporting on the many lives touched through this funding and know that the “Misty Bennett Seeds of Hope Fund’ will most surely have a huge impact in the lives of the women that call WV Health Right their medical home."

For more information on WV Health Right visit

Misty's Seeds of Hope Rainelle Medical C

In June 2020 – WVBHI Misty’s Seeds of Hope Chair and BOD, Dan Snuffer, presented Rainelle Medical Center CEO, Kristi Atha-Raderwith a check from Misty’s Seeds of Hope.

Misty Bennett’s Seeds of Hope fundraising and community outreach sponsorship is with the Rainelle Medical Center, serving families of Greenbrier County, Eastern Fayette County, and surrounding areas. Through this community outreach sponsorship, Rainelle Medical Center will be in a position to better assist these communities procure mammograms and detection services.

Rainelle Medical Center’s mission is to promote and improve individual, family, and community wellness by providing quality health services and educational information, regardless of ability to pay, in the rural, medically underserved areas that they serve.

For more information on Rainelle Medical Center go to

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