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Survivor Kits

WVBHI is humbled that our office is one of the first places a newly diagnosed breast cancer Survivor, one of their friends or family members calls. And YES you are an official Survivor the moment YOU get diagnosed! The Survivor Kits provide something tangible that they can receive immediately while we work together to find a plan on how we can help.  It’s a small way of letting folks know their call mattered and we care! Each kit costs about $50. including shipping.
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Survivor Kits are filled with thoughtful items that Survivors have told us are comforting and encouraging while undergoing breast cancer treatment.

  • Fuzzy socks

  • Tumbler

  • Survivor scarf

  • Lip Balm

  • Journal

  • Inspirational Pink Prayer Book (written by Survivors and their families and friends)

  • Personal note from a fellow Survivor

  • Educational materials upon request

And yes, we are always looking for a people to sponsor Survivor Kits for this project and even volunteers to put them together. They are a huge hit with our Survivors and their families. Contact our office if you are interested in sponsoring a Survivor Kit or know someone who needs one.

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