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Sa'Quaia's Story

Hi! I’m Sa'Quaia Walker - a breast cancer survivor, wife, and mom! I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer at the age of 29, just one month after getting married in October of 2021. Upon getting the diagnosis, I was notified the cancer had progressed to Stage 3 within a week’s time. I was scheduled to have my port placed a week after Thanksgiving, and I tried to feel every emotion possible to mentally prepare for what was to come…. chemo! After having 3 port surgeries, conquering doxorubicin, aka the red devil, taxol, Covid, and a ruptured cyst, l completed fourteen cycles of chemo with 30 treatments of radiation ahead of me.

After much thought and consideration of my family history, I had a double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction on August 10, 2022. My excitement for reconstruction came to a halt when I was scheduled for an emergency surgery to remove a hematoma just before leaving my follow-up appointment on the 15th. Here it is, August 17th, the night of my emergency surgery. It wasn’t until I made it home that my husband explained to me that my expanders were removed to save my life! To say I’m not still sorting through that, wouldn’t be truthful, but I am grateful to be alive to share my story in hopes that it will help someone else!

Don’t forget, this year, you can join Sa’Quaia’s team in our annual Race for the Ribbon event! When we asked Sa’Quaia why she walks, she said, “Last year, it was my very first race, and I had chemo the day before. This year, I’m super excited about it and can’t believe I’m on the other side of things this time around. I’m walking, not only to celebrate with my breast friends and fellow survivors but to celebrate what I’ve overcome in my journey with breast cancer this past year. I also want to support those who may be newly diagnosed and honor my loved ones, past and present, who have battled breast cancer. It’s so important to know that early detection can save lives. Being diagnosed at 29, a month after getting married, was something I never saw coming. I want people to know that early detection is very important and can save lives!”

To join her team, start by clicking here to register for the race. Once you’re there, select your participating category, then click “join team.” Sa’Quaia’s team is “Team Qua Fight Like a Girl."

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