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Ms. Patty's Story

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Ms. Patty was 70 years old when she had her first mammogram. Patty says, "When I would be among my female friends and family, they would be talking about getting their yearly mammograms. I would just nod and say - yes, good for you, do you need a ride?"

Then one day she noticed a dark spot where her bra touched her shoulder. So she adjusted the strap. The dark coloring continued to spread. Ms. Patty finally had her first mammogram and it showed Stage 2 breast cancer.

Ms. Patty does not drive, so she took public transportation to and from treatments. With a compromised immune system and the continued threat of COVID, this was not ok. A friend of hers contacted WVBHI, and we were able to immediately provide transportation through our volunteers, ED, and Uber rides.

Since Ms. Patty is on a fixed income, WVBHI was also able to provide Ms. Patty with gift cards for medication co-pays, electrolyte waters, groceries, etc.

Ms. Patty is still going through treatments and is now a huge advocate of getting screened! Last year, Lora was still under the age for an approved mammogram from her insurance company. WVBHI was able to follow up to make sure Lora got her mammogram in November.

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