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What We Do

West Virginia Breast Health Initiative aims to raise awareness and fund breast cancer programs with an emphasis on increasing breast health education, financially assisting breast cancer screenings, facilitating patient navigation, and providing survivor services. Through fundraising efforts across the state, 100% of the proceeds remain in West Virginia to assist uninsured and under-insured West Virginians.

West Virginia Breast Health Initiative’s vision is to facilitate a community of breast cancer survivors from the moment of diagnoses by instilling them with help, confidence, knowledge of the process and kindness and guidance from those who have already journeyed the path. We collaborate with organizations within WV such as WVBCCSP and the Jame "Tiger" Morton Catastrophic Illness Commission, as well as other states that have the common goal of ending breast cancer.


Misty Bennett Seeds of Hope Fund 

  • $5,000. Harmony House

  • $5,000. Rainelle Medical Center

  • $5,000. Bonnie’s Bus

  • $5,000. WV Health Right

  • $15,000.  BCA – Cumberland Valley

  • $5,000. Boone Memorial Hospital

  • $2,500. The Compression Initiative

  • $5,000. Bonnie’s Bus

  • $5,000. Boone Memorial

  • $10,000. Tug River Medical

  • Mammograms in 16 counties

  • Mammograms – 152 (WVBHI, Bonnie’s Bus first round, Boone Memorial, Harmony House, Rainelle Medical Center)

  • Gas cards – 512 averaging between $10. (WV Health Right), $50. And $250 via WVBHI totaling $7,200.

  • Survivor Kits – 80

  • 500 Mammogram self-exam card to Alderson Women’s Prison